Southside Regional Jail

About Southside Regional Jail

The Southside Regional Jail opened it's doors on December 20, 1998, replacing the old Greensville County Jail.

SRJA serves the localities of the City of Emporia and Greensville County, Virginia.

When fully staffed, SRJA employs 46 staff, and only 5 of those employees are non-security related positions.

Southside Regional Jail's current inmate population is 130, but has been as high as 240.

SRJ offers different programs to help the inmates change the behaviors that caused them to be incarcerated. These programs range from a

Community Model Program, to religious services and counseling, to a GED program. SRJ also has a Library to allow the inmates to check out books to help occupy their time.

SRJ's goal is to protect the community and safely house the persons entrusted to our care.