Southside Regional Jail

Southside Regional Jail uses the Oasis Commissary Company to provide weekly commissary to all inmates. All monies must be posted prior to 2:00 pm on Tuesday afternoon in order to be available for commissary purchases. All orders are deducted from the inmate's account upon completion of their order. Commissary is delivered to the inmates at the end of the week.

Delivering and Accepting Funds

Inmates can accept funds by:

  1. Mail (money orders only)
  2. Lobby kiosk (accepts cash: $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 or credit cards)                                                                                  You can deposit to commissary account or pre-paid phone account.
  3. Online at                                                                                                                   You can deposit to commissary account or pre-paid phone account.


Inmates are not able to receive books and magazines from any source outside of the jail.

Books are available through the jail library. Newspapers and magazines are regularly distributed free of charge to all housing units.

Telephone Use

Inmates have two options when placing calls:

  1. Through the debit system which allows the inmate to make calls using the funds on his or her account.
  2. Collect calls, in which a payment plan needs to be set up by the party receiving the calls. A payment plan may be set up by family and friends for the inmate by calling : (800) 483-8314 or by visiting

Each Inmate is allowed 10 numbers on his or her phone list.

Tablet Accessibility
To communicate with an Inmate using their issued tablet, an account must be set up through Connect Network. Funds for tablet use to include messaging can be put onto the Inmate's account through  The mobile app is necessary to upload pictures to the Inmate's account.

Work Release/ Home Electronic Monitoring

Both programs must be approved by the court for inmates to become eligible. Southside Regional Jail will determine if inmates are eligible based on the following rules:

  1. Inmate's sentence must be less than 12 months.
  2. The inmate's crime must be non-violent.
  3. The inmate's place of employment must have a current business license.
  4. No outstanding detainers.
  5. The inmate must provide their own transportation.
  6. The inmate must pass a drug and alcohol screening.
  7. The inmate will only be allowed to work up to 12 hours per shift.

Cost for Work Release is $23.00 per day. Inmate must keep up to one week's fees on their account at all times.

Cost for Home Electronic Monitoring is $10.00 per day, payable weekly. Each week is paid in advance until their release. There is also a one time installation fee of $25.00 that must be paid with the first week's payment.

Home Electronic Monitoring requires a telephone with at least basic service.

For more information, contact Captain Protray Temple Monday thru Friday between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm at (434) 634-4814.