Southside Regional Jail

The Jail Tablet System is controlled by the Viapath/Getting Out App. This can be accessed at The jail has no access to funds on this account and all inquiries must be made through Viapath at the above website or by dialing (866) 516-0115.

Commissary Services for the Southside Regional Jail are provided by Oasis Management Services.

Friends and Family can place orders for Inmates by going to and choosing from the menu on the left side of the page. 

Funds can be added to an Inmate's account by accessing the Commissary Trust Fund on the Kiosk in our Lobby or by connecting on the Internet through

Funds can also be added through the Automated Viapath Phone System by dialing 1-800-483-8314

Note: The Tablet information on Connect Network is not for the present tablet system. See below for Tablet Details.